Frequently asked questions


At FuzyDuck.co, we want to make your experience as seamless as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions to assist you:

🚀 Shipping 

We ship products from multiple facilities located in the USA 🇺🇸, UK 🇬🇧, EU 🇪🇺, and Asia.
Some product are domestic shipping only, whilst most are shipped worldwide from India and Singapore/Belgium. Each product is labelled accordingly so you know exactly where its coming from and how long it will take to deliver (our est. delivery dates are based on the forecast of 90 days previous orders)

The new Belgium Tranship
We are really happy with this new introduction to our delivery international delivery fleet! You can order from our India/Singapore/Shipped worldwide rang which is extremely cheaper than domestic, and we tranship it from our Singapore hub, to our Belgium Hub, from there it is repackaged and sent out as a European delivery. EU delivery time 3-5 days. Rest of the world, 4-10 days

Can I mix products from different origins in a single order? 
Yes, your shipping cost will update accordingly

What’s your shipping success rate? 
We have a nearly flawless shipping success rate, almost the converted 100% 🎉. Any country less than 99.5%, we do not ship to at all.

How long does it take to dispatch an order?
Orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 business days

Are there exceptions to the dispatch time? 
Yes, very rarely USA domestic deliveries may take up to 5 days to dispatch.

How can I track my order? 
All orders come with delivery tracking as standard which will be emailed to you upon dispatch

✅ Products

All of our products come in the original packaging, untampered with, and typically within 1-3 months from it being manufactured. All medicines come with at least 3 years before expiry. We pride ourselves on having direct connections to the manufacturer instead of a middle man

Please contact support for bulk,  wholesale and dropshipping prices

👍 FD Guarantee

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive? 
In the rarest of occasions when a delivery goes undelivered for 30 business days after dispatch, we will reship it for free.

-Free Reship policy is void if you use a fake name or you typed your address incorrect (details in terms and conditions on the checkout page)

– Free reships do not apply to tracking statuses with any wording such as ‘item awaiting collection by addressee’ or ‘delivery attempt made, awaiting contact from addressee’

Click here for the reship form

What happens if i am not happy with my purchase
Your Satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, contact our support and you can choose from a reship or refund. We make, both reship and refund a totally hassle free process. No big delays, no back and fourth over email. reships 2 days, refunds 5 business days (our payment processors terms)

💳 Payments

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and all major bank cards. Additionally, we proudly accept Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum. Get 10% free pills crypto bonus when paying with any of our cryptocurrencies. On rare occasions, we do not accept Bank cards due to weekly processing volume. In which case, the bank card/visa option will not  be on the checkout page. This lasts up to 24 hours

How can I purchase Bitcoin easily? 
For easy Bitcoin purchases, you can use platforms like simplex.com, Coinbase, Cashapp, or other trusted sources. It is very easy and saves you lots of money. Easier than setting up your first bank, yet more important to be involved in the crypto world! Get started. Chat to customer support for assistance

💬 Customer Support

Reach out to us anytime using the blue chat bubble on any page.  Live chat is available between the hours of 9am and 9pm GMT+8.
If we are offline, your contact will be automatically made into a support ticket and our reply will be sent via email. You can then reply to us directly from that email making support very easy and efficient

❤️ Loyalty Rewards

You’ll receive 5% of every order value as store credit in return for your custom and loyalty, stored in your FD wallet viewable in your account

You can spend this as much as you want on your orders or accumulate it for a big order! Spend $100, get $5 as loyalty rewards for your next order! no collecting or spending minimum, maximum or expiry! Our way of saying thank you for your years of loyalty

👥 Affiliates

Know a friend who will love our service? You can sign up for our affiliate program and earn 30% on every successful referral. We have affiliates making $10k+ a month from creating quality blogs and videos that accompany their affiliate link

We hope these answers help address your questions. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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